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Arthur D. Hodge, Attorney At Law

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Mr. Hodge has been practicing law as an attorney in California for 28 years and since 2006 he has handled client matters related to cannabis law issues. He represents and advises businesses, collectives, cultivators, individual operators, brands and property owners involved in the medicinal and adult-use cannabis industry. Mr. Hodge's practice includes civil litigation, business law, cannabis licensing and compliance.

Recent News - Patent Issued

Mr. Hodge congratulates his client, Michael Brunson, who was awarded a United States Patent for his invention that controls potency levels of cannabis flower by oil infusion. The infusion process adds THC or CBD oil into dried plant matter increasing cannabinoids and allowing dosage control.
“Plant Product Infused with Oil and Method of Infusion,” (December 29, 2020, United States Patent No. 10,874,703.)

Brunson’s invention can be used to process dried plant product, such as cannabis or hemp, by infusing the plant product with THC or CBD oil. A growing number of medicinal and recreational cannabis businesses are using infusion to make cannabis products commonly known as “moon rocks” (which are infused cannabis buds rolled in kief). Cannabis products, such as moon rocks, infused prerolls and infused blunts, are covered by Brunson’s patent if they use his infusion process.

City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is ground zero for the commercial cannabis industry. Information on current matters can be found at

Mr. Hodge has been on the forefront of representing cannabis businesses in Los Angeles and has numerous pre-ICO clients. Some of his work in Los Angeles received news coverage over the years:

8/17/12 - Southern California Public Radio, “Group sues Los Angeles to block medical marijuana shop ban”

7/31/13 - Los Angeles Daily News, “L.A. medical marijuana shops challenge Proposition D ban”

10/30/13 - Medical Marijuana Daily, "Legitimate Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles Being Forced to Close?"

12/23/14 - Southern California Public Radio, “Judge Blocks Nestdrop Marijuana Delivery App in LA”

3/25/15 - My News LA, “Banned marijuana delivery app fights back against L.A. city attorney”

5/01/15 - California Lawyer, May 2015, “This Buds for You”

Calaveras County

Mr. Hodge represents a number of businesses and individuals in Calaveras County and in 2017, Mr. Hodge successfully challenged a ballot measure to ban commercial cannabis cultivation and it was removed from the ballot.

7/12/16 - The Union Democrat, "Board Discusses Cannabis ...."

11/10/16 - Calaveras Enterprise, “Critics say pro-marijuana views are a conflict for county legal advisors”

03/09/17 - Calaveras Enterprise, “Another Writ of Mandate Filed Against Tunno and McManus”

Sonoma County

Mr. Hodge has been active in representing commercial cannabis cultivators and brands in Sonoma County and its surrounding vicinity.

3/26/14 -- The Press Democrat, “Supervisors reject pot dispensary south of Santa Rosa”

Southern California

In 2013, the California Supreme Court decided that cities and counties had the right to determine whether or not they allowed commercial cannabis businesses. (See City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patients Health & Wellness Center.) Prior to that, Mr. Hodge represented a number of medical cannabis collectives that operated in compliance with existing medical marijuana laws throughout southern California cities and counties, including Agoura Hills, Fontana, Garden Grove, Los Angeles, Pico Rivera, Orange County, Pomona, Riverside, Southgate, San Bernardino and San Diego. As cannabis laws developed, cities and counties began to pass laws either allowing, or banning, commercial cannabis.

11/4/10, The Acorn, “A Bummer Time for Pot Supporters”

6/22/11, Whittier Daily News, “Pico Rivera blocks pot dispensary's move to re-open”

5/02/13, The Acorn, “Is Medical Pot Still a Pipe Dream?”

Medical Journal Publication

On July 4, 2013, Formulary Journal published Mr. Hodge's article, "Medicinal cannabis presents unique issues in managed care."

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is your office located?

A: Carlsbad, California. However, I work throughout California and typically meet you at court or your place of business.

Q: Can we meet in person?

A: Right now due to the pandemic we are meeting using zoom or the phone.

Q: Do you handle criminal court matters?

A: Rarely, and I would refer you to other attorneys for specialty work such as criminal matters. I primarily handle civil and administrative matters, including trials, as well as licensing and compliance.

Q: Have any of your cannabis cases been published appellate decisions?

A: Yes, Conejo Wellness Center, Inc. v. City of Agoura Hills (2013) 214 Cal. App. 4th 1534.

Q: Do you testify as an expert witness on cannabis business issues in court?

A: Yes, I have served as an expert witness consultant, testified in court, and provided affidavits.

Q: What is your office mailing address?

A: Please send mail to:

Arthur D. Hodge, Esq.

701 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 300

Carlsbad, CA 92011