Since 2005 I have handled hundreds of criminal cases in central Texas, resulting in not guilty verdicts in federal and state courts, motions to suppress resulting in cases dismissed, contested sentencing hearings resulting in reduced sentences, and many more cases where charges were reduced or where plea agreements were reached resulting in reduced charges or sentences. I provide high quality and personal service to each of my clients. Each interaction with my office will be with me personally, you will never spend your days leaving messages with a receptionist or having questions answered by a paralegal.

The sooner you contact my office, the sooner I can get to work protecting your rights.


Patents are among the strongest protections you can obtain. It gives you a monopoly over your invention in the marketplace, but with limits, after 20 years it becomes available to the public. In many instances this is a great bargain. 20 years can be a long time to re-coop your investment costs and establish yourself as the market leader under a strong brand.


You need to aggressively protect your mark in today’s marketplace. Customers need to be sure the product they are buying is yours. Further, you need to protect your mark so knock-offs are not offering cheap imitations of questionable quality at your expense under your name and driving away your customers with bad experiences.

The starting point is picking a strong mark. Or, you may already have a mark that you are not protecting. First we need a plan. Let’s organize your marks to optimize your image and minimize your registration costs.

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